Our Story

We don’t just believe in the gold standard, we live by it. What started out as designing jewelry turned into an industry rebellion. And let’s be real, it was necessary.


Making Everyday Special

The brand is raised on a belief that jewellery is more than just pretty, shiny trinkets – it’s about building your identity and strengthening your confidence. It’s about celebrating you – every occasion looking and feeling the best version of you there is.

Made with Love
Ethical Sourcing
Safe for sensitive skin

All pieces are made without the toxic 3: nickel, lead, and cadmium. These are often culprits of skin irritation. Shop with confidence knowing that our pieces are safe for adults and children alike.

Engaged with ethical factories

Only factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) are engaged. This initiative ensures that they are involved in practises that respects human & labour rights.

Committed to Sustainability

All shipping emissions that contribute to climate change are neutralised. All carbon offset funds are invested in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impacts of shipping.


We are a new generation of fine jewelry!

Our inspiration comes from the drive to create a perfect balance between simple and bold, ordinary and odd, straightforward and luxury, and to push the limits where differences exist.